Business Case Division-Directory


Contact for Questions About Pending Cases:

Questions regarding cases already pending in the Business Case Division should be directed to your assigned Staff Attorney.  

Judge Ellerbe, Judge Goger, and Judge Long:  
Susan L. Shaver
404- 613-3690

Judge Richardson: 
Trinity Townsend

Judge Tailor:
Bill Loeffler

Contact for General Questions:

General Questions about the Business Case Division should be directed to:

Susan L. Shaver, Business Case Division Administrator and Staff Attorney
Office: 404-613-3690

Deliveries and Courier Instructions

Deliveries should be directed to the Fulton County Courthouse, 136 Pryor Street, S.W. (Building J2) and may be delivered to two different locations:
Business Case Division Main Office, J2-956 (9th floor) or
Office of the Superior Court Administrator, in J2-640 (6th floor)

If a courier is in need of assistance, please call the main office at (404) 612-4570 or the Administrator, Susan L. Shaver, at (404) 613-3690 or (404) 695-7503.

In case of an emergency, please contact Ms. Shaver at (404) 695-7503.