Media Access Request

Requesting Media Access


A Rule 22, approved and signed by a Judge, is REQUIRED to bring in recording devices through security. You MUST bring the signed, original copy of the Rule 22 with you for entry. 

  • Rule 22 requests MUST be submitted to at least 24 business hours before the start of the underlying proceeding. Late submissions may be denied as untimely. *Requests should NOT be sent directly to judge’s chambers. 
  • Signed requests will be filed and returned as soon as possible. If your request is approved, please bring a printed copy with you to the courthouse. 
  • Judges may order that recording be consolidated into a pool. Media who are assigned pool are responsible for providing recorded content to anyone who may request it. Before filing your request, please check whether a pool order has already been entered and, if so, reach out to the pool media for access. 
  • Rule 22 permission extends only to the courtroom for which the request was granted. 

The following uses of recording devices are absolutely prohibited

  • Recording any part of the courthouse other than the courtroom for which the request was granted
  • Recording while the judge is outside the courtroom
  • Recording privileged or confidential communications
  • Recording jurors or prospective jurors
  • Recording bench conferences

Revised Rule 22 Fillable Form (rev 4/2018)

For certain high profile cases, you may not need to file a new Rule 22 if a pool exists. Please review below. 

The use of recording devices in the courtroom is controlled by Georgia Uniform Superior Court Rule 22. While Georgia law favors transparency and public access to courts, courtroom security and the rights of litigants must be protected. 

Please be aware that the Georgia Supreme Court has amended Uniform Rule 22 regarding the use of electronic devices in courtrooms and recording of judicial proceedings by representatives of the news media and other persons.

To see the complete amended Uniform Rule 22 from the Georgia Supreme Court, please see USCR_22-Order-FINAL. To get a better understanding of the specific changes that were made regarding the submission and approval of the new Rule 22, please see New Rule 22 order.

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