Employee Testimonials

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What does it feel like to be a part of Superior Court Administration’s innovative, culture?

And how do we intentionally cultivate it?

Watch the video to see what it’s like to belong to our talented team.


Employee Testimony:  As the Senior Staff Attorney to Judge Ural Glanville, my day-to-day generally consists of reviewing the Judge’s civil docket, scheduling Court proceedings, reviewing case records, conducting legal research, and drafting orders.  

I most enjoy the satisfaction that comes with serving the citizens of Fulton County and the feeling of accomplishment when cases on which I work are resolved.  I’ve always aspired to work in public service. Now that I am in this position, and it’s one that I truly enjoy, I have little inclination to leave.  Fulton County does a good job of making its employees feel appreciated.  There is always something new and exciting happening at the Superior Court of Fulton County and I look forward to seeing what kind of situations and circumstances each new day brings. 

Employee Name:  Wesley Kerns

Position Title, Dept:  Senior Staff Attorney, Judge Ural Glanville

Employed Since:  April, 2019


Employee Testimony:  I wear many hats – that of an Office Manager, Chamber Liaison, and Accountant to name a few.  On Team McB, as we call ourselves, we work together to always to ensure the needs of the Court and our Judge are met.  

I get most excited about the comradery we have within our team space.  We all get along very well and it’s actually a joy to come to work to hang out with my co-workers.  Working for Judge McBurney is what has made me stay with Court Administration.  There have been a few changes on our team over the years, but the Judge has always made sure that my co-worker and I were included in the selection of new team members to ensure that we maintain that same comradery.  Team McB is the best! 

Employee Name:  Michelle Hansberry

Position Title, Dept:  Judicial Assistant, Judge Robert C.I. McBurney

Employed Since:  April, 2012


Employee Testimony:  One thing that gets me excited about coming into work is being able to interact with people from all different backgrounds. Here, I am able to speak and connect with people that are always driven and motivated. My position requires attentiveness and a willingness to assist, and I am able to play many roles that enable me to assist the public and court operations.  

There is not a day where I do not learn something new.  Our team of administrative assistants are team oriented, which allows us to efficiently handle our tasks at hand. 

Employee Name:  Maya Giddens

Position Title, Dept:  Administrative Asst III, Court Services Division

Employed Since:  April, 2022

Maya Giddens