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Fulton County E-Filing

Fulton County is pleased to announce the launch of electronic filing in CRIMINAL CASES effective JUNE 5, 2017. All parties should create an account with eFileGA before June 5 to ensure consistent service of Orders and other notices from the Court. Once you have registered for an eFileGA account, you MUST list yourself as a service contact for each case in which you appear.

For more information about filing procedures in criminal cases, please review the applicable Court Order:

Fulton County Criminal Case E-File Order

Electronic filing is mandatory in all CIVIL CASES. For more information about filing procedures in civil cases, please review the applicable Court Order:

Fulton County Civil E-File Order (updated October 12, 2018)

Click here for Account Registration and other information about our upcoming electronic file and serve services.

Filing fees will apply for all e-filing transactions.

Resources for Self-Represented Litigants

How Do I Make Sure I'm a Service Contact in My Case?

  1. Login to eFileGA using your username and password.
  2. Click on orange "Action" button.
  3. Select service contacts or "Firm Service Contacts."
  4. Select "Add Service Contact."
  5. Enter your first name, last name, and email address.
  6. Check "Make this Contact Public" at bottom and click "Save Changes."
  7. Select orange "Actions" button, click on "File Into Existing Case."
  8. Type/select Fulton Superior Court, enter your case number, and select "Search."
  9. Click "Action" button next to your case.
  10. Select "View Service Contacts" from the Actions drop down menu on the far right.
  11. Select the black "Actions" next to your name or your client's name.
  12. Choose "Add from Public List."
  13. Type in your first and last name; select search icon (magnifying glass).
  14. Click on box by service contact info.
  15. Select "Save."

To e-file, you must register at

Please be aware that there is a fee to e-file through this service.


Odyssey Public Portal
*Official Docket Listing*

eFileGA Training Webinars

Uniform Superior Court Rules
navigate to page 90 to see Rule 36.16 ("Electronic Filing")


Odyssey eFileGA breaks the constraints of traditional filing with:

• 24/7 filing and access to electronically filed documents via a secure, user-friendly Web portal

• Online tracking and proof of delivery

• Instant access to file stamped copies of filings

• Advanced search functionality indexes, bookmarks and finds documents in seconds