Reporting to the Office & Attending Court

Reporting to the Pretrial Services Office 

Whenever you report to Pretrial Services, remember to sign in.  Always bring your Pretrial Officer’s business card with you.  If your Pretrial Officer is not in the office, you are still required to report.  Someone else will see you.  No other parties are allowed to accompany you unless:  1) they are listed on your bond order as a co-signer; 2) you need assistance with completing official documentation; 3) you need someone to interpret for you; or 4) you have a physical condition that prevents your independence.  You MUST report on your assigned OFFICE VISIT DAY.  If you are not able to report as required, you must contact your Pretrial Officer to make other arrangements.

Proper Attire for Office Visits & Court Appearances 


No revealing tank tops, blouses, or dresses; halter tops; t-shirts revealing your midriff; tight pants, dresses or skirts; dresses/skirts more than 3-inches above the knee or with splits more than 3-inches above the knee; shorts that reveal the cheeks of your buttocks; clothing sheer enough to easily view your private parts; sagging-pants. 


No sagging-pants; wife-beater t-shirts

  • Remove hats and sunglasses before entering the building/courtroom
  • Avoid oversized hooded sweatshirts, oversized tees, and baggy jeans. Shirts and jeans with tears, large logos, and designs should be avoided
  • Arrive at court dressed neatly, in well-fitted clothes free of wrinkles

Appearing in Court 

One of the primary requirements of Pretrial Services Supervision is that you appear in court when scheduled.  When you report to Pretrial Services, court dates will be reviewed with you.  Letters reminding you of your court date will be sent to your home by Fulton County Superior Court Clerk's Office or the State Court Clerk's Office.  If you have any questions regarding when or where you are to appear in court, please ask.  To receive all notices from the Court regarding your case, please notify Pretrial Services and Superior Court/State Court immediately of your address change.