Address Change & Traveling Outside Metro Atlanta

Traveling or Moving?

Address Changes 

As noted above, please notify Pretrial Services, the Superior Court Clerk, and/or the State Court Clerk immediately of any address changes.  
*Misdemeanor clients may report to 160 Pryor Street, Suite J-150, Atlanta, GA 30303.  Bring a photo ID. 

Must Live at a Certain Address 

The Judge may release a client with conditions; such as residing at a specific address.  Clients must not move from that address without the permission of the Court. Pretrial Officers cannot approve a change of address; only a Judge may approve it.  Moving without permission from the Judge will be a violation of this condition and the bond may be revoked. 

Travel outside Atlanta 

Felony clients are not to leave the Atlanta Metropolitan area without permission from the Court.  Misdemeanor clients must notify Pretrial Services of out-of-state travel.