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Fulton County Law Library


Note: The Fulton County Law Library is now a part of the Justice Resource Center, Fulton County Courts.

Due to COVID-19, the Justice Resource Center is closed to the public until further notice.

In partnership with Thomson Reuters, Fulton County Courts Justice Resource Center patrons who need to conduct legal research are eligible for free remote access to Westlaw Patron Access. Patrons are allowed to request a Westlaw Patron Access password that is good for 20 hours of usage over a 14 day period.

Click the link below (or click here) for password registration instructions

Click this link to register for your complimentary password to Westlaw Patron Access

If you have trouble accessing the above link, please call the Fulton County Courts Justice Resource Center for assistance at 404-612-4544.

Library holdings consist of a basic collection of legal materials, with emphasis on Georgia materials and practice-oriented titles. Library staff members are available to help patrons locate and use specific materials, suggest possible sources, provide bibliographic instructions and help define research questions. Staff may not perform any services that might constitute the unauthorized practice of law (e.g., interpreting statutes, cases or regulations or advising customers about specific legal problems.)

EBSCO Legal Information Reference Center Online Database

The EBSCO Legal Information Reference Center is an online database designed to assist the general public in legal matters of all kinds. The database includes exclusive full text for many top consumer legal reference books, as well as thousands of legal forms. A majority of the full-text legal reference books are provided through Nolo, the nation’s oldest and most respected provider of legal information for consumers and small businesses. 

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EBSCO Company is providing Fulton County Law Library patrons free access to the Legal Information Reference Center Database and the EBSCO COVID-19 Information Portal. If you have any questions about these databases please call the Library for assistance at 404-612-4544, Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Click below for your Complimentary Access to the EBSCO databases:

EBSCO Legal Information Reference Center

EBSCO COVID-19 Resources Information Portal

An overview of what the Law Library has available:

  • Georgia law subject and practice material. Material is oriented to the needs of the trial court
  • Westlaw and WestlawNext databases - Federal and All-States primary files
  • Twelve computers for legal research
  • Over 200 titles of "Popular Law" materials for non-attorneys
  • Circulating Equipment for use in courtrooms--VCR/DVD, overhead projector, tape player
  • Georgia Primary Law on compact disc
  • Wireless Internet Access


Mission and Policies

The Law Library is a reference library within Fulton County Superior Court that serves the legal information needs of the residents of Fulton County and the surrounding region. Library books and information resources cannot be checked out from the Library. Library patrons have free access to various legal resources in print and electronic formats. Employees of the Law Library may show patrons how to find legal information using these resources. They are not permitted to give legal advice or provide legal interpretation of any law.

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Library Services

Reference and Research Assistance

The library staff is strongly oriented towards providing customer service, general legal information, and the appropriate instruction to students, self-represented litigants, and the general public.

As both a law and public library, the staff continuously strives to allocate its energy and resources to assure that all citizens have equal access to the laws, cases, and regulations by which they are governed.

Photocopy Services

The Library provides a self-service copier for public use. Single page black and white copies are fifteen cents, color copies are fifty cents per single page Copier coin box takes one and five dollar bills, and coins. Letter and legal size paper is available.

Computer printing from public access computer is available; single page copies are fifteen cents each. Letter and legal size paper is available.

If you need assistance with copying due to a disability, the Library staff can provide copying assistance.

Fax Service

Library staff members will receive or send a fax document for library patrons. The cost per page is one dollar.

Adaptive Services and Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities - including modifications to policies, programs, appropriate aids, and services for effective communication - are available upon request. Assistive devices and software are available to accommodate individuals with disabilities are available for use at the library. Please contact the Library staff if you require accommodations.

Public Computers

Basic Magnification

  • Available on any computer
  • In your browser press CTRL and + or -
  • In your browser or in a document (e.g., a Word or Excel file), change the zoom level in the bottom right corner of the screen

Magnify Software

  • For those with low vision
  • Magnifies the screen in full, lens, or docked mode
  • Color inversion (high contrast) available
  • Additional magnification option: Change zoom level in any window with keyboard combination CTRL and + or -

Electronic Information and Services

The Library offers 12 work stations for computer assisted legal research access.

The public has access to Westlaw and WestlawNext online legal database. This Westlaw subscription is a combination of Westlaw Classic and WestlawNext that provide cases and statutes from many states, federal circuits, extensive Georgia database and some secondary materials.

The library provides monthly training classes for Westlaw. Classes are taught by a Thomson Reuters lawyer.

The Library also provides word processing software for the preparation of legal forms and documents.

The Library digital/electronic information resources:

  • HeinsOnline
  • Suggested Pattern Jury Instructions, Civil and Criminal
  • GALILEO – Georgia Virtual Library
  • Miscellaneous legal books and resources

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