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About Jury Duty


  • How often am I eligible for jury service?
    Jurors are eligible to be summonsed for jury duty every time a new juror master list gets uploaded to our jury management system.
  • What do I do when I receive my summons in the mail?
    You should, as soon as possible, go to our website and complete the online questionnaire. You will need your juror badge in order to do so. If you are unable to complete the online questionnaire, complete the questionnaire on the summons and mail it to our office at least 10 days prior to your service date. After we receive your questionnaire, either online or by mail, we update and confirm your information. You are still on standby status until the day before your service date. You must call 404-612-4600 (press #1) after 5:00 PM the day before to see if your group has been selected to report.
  • Why do I get called more than others do for Jury Duty?
    The Fulton County Court System is the largest trial court in Georgia; we summons over 275,000 jurors each year. The process of summonsing jurors is random. Whether you consider it, "good" luck or "bad" luck some people are called for jury duty more than others. The simple answers are that some people receive jury summons more than other people do and that the selection system is completely random. We create pools and the computer randomly picks prospective jurors for each pool. The pool is a combined list of names from both the Voter Registration list and the Department of Driver Services. While it can be frustrating, there are some legitimate reasons you might get multiple summonses for jury duty; here are some examples:

    • You might have been selected by different courts - the city courts, county courts, and federal courts all pull from the same groups of jurors but each maintains its own jury systems which are not synchronized.

    • Your name might have been randomly selected from the end of one list and the beginning of another. Each new list contains everyone who is eligible for jury duty regardless of recent service.

    • You might have two records with different variations of your name, one from the DMV and one from Voter Registration. Computer algorithms might not be able to reconcile the different names into one person, so both records are included on the list.

  • What is a County Master Jury List?
    The County Master List is simply a list of all Fulton County residents who are eligible for jury service. Residents are eligible if they are United States citizens 18 years of age or older. Names are collected from various resources including the Department of Driver Services and Voter Registration lists.
  • How often does the Jury Services' Office receive a County Master Jury List?
    The County Master Jury List is updated annually. By statute, we must summons jurors from the annual list and any juror on this list is eligible to receive a summons.
  • What does "Service Term: 1 day or 1 trial" mean?
    All jurors of Fulton County must serve for one day or the duration of one trial, if impaneled and selected as a juror for a case. Most court cases last three to five days, but some are shorter and some can take longer. Jurors will definitely be here for one day. As a precaution, they should make tentative arrangements to stay for additional days in case it is necessary. The One Day or One Trial system is now the most common system of jury service in the nation.
  • I submitted a Student Affidavit the last time I received a summons and I just received another summons; how long is the affidavit valid?
    Jurors are required to submit new student/child caregiver/home study program teacher/caregiver to individuals over the age of six affidavits every time they receive a jury summons.
  • I am 73 years old, why did I receive a jury summons? I thought that once you turn 70 you do not have to serve.
    Jurors are not automatically disqualified from jury service once they turn 70 because there are individuals who would still like to serve and we give them that option. If you are 70 years of age or older and you wish to be exempt from serving on a jury, please complete the age affidavit. It is located on the jury summons as well as on our website. Click on the juror tab. The affidavit needs to be notarized.
  • I cannot make it for jury duty on my scheduled service date and my reason does not fall under any of the deferral/exempt reasons listed on your website. What are my options?
    Please call our office at 404-612-4600, Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM-4:30 PM, for further assistance. We may be able to grant you a one-time deferral to a different date.
  • I misplaced my jury summons; can you send me another one?
    We cannot resend the summons, but we can provide you with the information that was on your jury summons. Please call our office at 404-612-4600, Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM-4:30 PM, or e-mail us at
  • My service date falls on a Monday; do I have to call on Sunday after 5:00 PM to check my stand-by status?
    If your service falls on a Monday, you can call any time after 5:00 PM on the preceding Friday; our office is closed on the weekends so we update the message for our stand-by jurors before we leave on Friday.
  • Can I bring my laptop with me to jury duty?
    Yes. We encourage jurors to bring their laptops and/or reading material because a large part of your time is spent in the jury assembly room waiting until you are randomly selected to go to a courtroom. We offer free Wi-Fi.
  • How long can I expect to be there?
    Jury duty is an all-day service. Expect to be here until 5:00 PM when our office closes. If you are not assigned to a jury panel, you might be released earlier than that, but there is no guarantee. If you are sent to a courtroom, the release time is at the discretion of the judge.
  • How long after I serve on a jury will I receive my check?
    Jury checks and certificates of attendance will be mailed to jurors within 21 business days after they serve. Jurors receive $25 for each day of service.
  • What is the earliest I can report for jury duty?
    We start scanning jurors in at 7:30 AM. The shuttle from the Red and Yellow lots starts running at 6:00 AM.
  • I received a Grand Jury summons; am I a stand-by juror or I am required to report on the service date?
    Grand Jurors are required to report on their day of service as instructed on their summons. They are not on stand-by status.
  • The Grand Jury term is for two months; I have a scheduling conflict and will have to be absent for a few of the Grand Jury sessions. Can I be excused from service?
    Grand Jurors are required to report for jury service on the day that is listed on their summons. The actual Grand Jury selection process occurs then. If you have any scheduling conflicts that will take place during the 2 months of the Grand Jury term, you should bring that to attention of the Judge and the District Attorney's Office during the Grand Jury selection process. If you have a scheduling conflict on the actual day of service, you will need to provide details in a letter addressed to the Grand Jury Presiding Judge and include supporting evidence. You must e-mail the letter and supporting evidence to or fax it to 404-612-2613. In the subject area of the email, you must include the words "Grand Jury" and your candidate ID number. The Presiding Judge will review the request. Please include your contact information so that the Jury Services' Office can follow up with you after the Presiding Judge makes a decision. You should provide this information as soon as possible to allow enough time for review. Submission of documentation does not guarantee approval of your request.
  • I am self-employed and the sole provider for my family; can I be exempted from jury service?
    Employment types and related issues are not legal reasons for exemption or excusal. If your group is required to report and if you are randomly selected to go to a courtroom, you will have the opportunity to discuss your situation, personal hardships, or employment issues with the judge and attorneys who will determine if your service can be excused.
  • I am a United States Citizen, but I do not communicate well in English.
    If your group is required to report, you must report as directed on your service date and, if randomly selected to go to a courtroom, you will have the opportunity to discuss your situation with the judge and attorneys who will determine if your service can be excused. However, not communicating well is not a legal reason to be exempted or excused.
  • I am a single parent with a small child over six years old and I do not have any family members to help me.
    You will have to wait until the day of your service. If your group is required to report and if you are selected to go to a courtroom, you will have the opportunity to discuss your situation with the judge.
  • I am a parent to a child or children 6 years of age or younger, I work, and I have to pick my child up from school.
    We send summonses well in advance and the court expects jurors to make arrangements for their day of service. You will have to wait until the day of your service. If your group is required to report and if you are randomly selected to go to a courtroom, you will have the opportunity to discuss your situation with the judge.
  • I work part-time on the weekends only; during the week, I have no alternative childcare.
    Print and complete the affidavit for being the primary caregiver to your own child/children who are six years of age or younger. You also have to have no alternate means of childcare. The affidavit is available on the website. Fill it out, have it notarized, and send it back to our office.
  • I am disabled, but I do not have a doctor currently.
    Call the office to reschedule to a later date. This will give you some time to make a doctor's appointment and have the doctor sign the medical affidavit on the jury summons. The medical affidavit is also available on our website.
  • What is the dress code for jury duty?
    Business Casual
  • Is the shuttle bus wheelchair accessible?
    Some of the Shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible - call 770-455-9600 for more information.


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