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     COVID-19 Enhancements for your protection

Air Filtration System
The air filters in the Courthouse have been changed and will continue to be changed more regularly to ensure the for a more clean air circulation throughout the building.

Jury Room Capacity
To ensure a safe and effectively social distance, we have significantly reduced the maximum occupancy while in the Courthouse

Hand Sanitizer Stations
Hand sanitizers have been placed throughout the Courthouse to ensure each individual has the opportunity for continuous cleansing. The Courthouse will be sanitized completely multiple times throughout each day.

Woman getting hand-sanitizer

Social Distanced Seating
The seating in the Courthouse is sectioned off properly to adhere to 6 feet of social distancing while awaiting instructions on jury service.

Women demonstrating Socially Distanced Seating

Social Distanced Check-In
Upon check-in, jurors will need to remain on the identified social distancing circles until the person in front of them proceeds. This will allow for the proper flow of traffic during the check-in process.

Woman checking in Shows Socially Distanced queueing system with circular markers

Contactless Check-In
Contactless Check-In is offered here in Jury Services to ensure the least amount of contact is made between juror and staff. Simply hold your state issued drivers license and your summons up to the glass for scanning and verification. It is important to complete your questionnaire online to ensure a quick check-in.

Woman checking in with no contact

Temperature Readings
Jurors will be required to a temperature reading administered by the Sherriff's Department prior to entering the building. This will assure a safe temperature is being held while serving.

Woman checking in with no contact



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