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Image of Scales Useful Things To Know Before You Begin

  • WAIT TO SIGN YOUR NAME on the documents in front of a Notary Public. The Notary Public has to see you sign the documents.
  • Are you in the right county? The petition cannot be heard by the judge if Fulton County is not the right county. You will have to start over in the right location.
  • Read the instructions carefully before you fill out the forms.
  • Make photocopies for your file and for the Respondent. It is a good practice to keep your legal papers in a folder or a large envelope.
  • Talk with an attorney if the situation is complicated or if you are confused about what to do.
  • Uncontested Cases — A case will be designated as uncontested if an Acknowledgment of Service form, Consent to Trial in 31 Days form, Child Support Worksheet (if applicable), and Settlement Agreement (if applicable) are included with the other necessary documents at the time of filing. In uncontested cases, all petitioners, and their attorneys, if they are represented by counsel, shall appear at the time and place designated for the 30-Day Status Conference, and they may receive the Final Judgment and Decree at that time.
  • Contested Cases — Bring with you the completed Domestic Intake Worksheet, and, if applicable, the completed Child Support Worksheets, Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit, Answers to Interrogatories and the documents in response to Required Documents to be Produced.
  • Clerk of the Superior Court of Fulton County
    136 Pryor Street, S.W.
    Atlanta, Georgia 30303
    (404) 612-5344
  • Fulton County Daily Report
    190 Pryor Street, S.W.
    Atlanta, Georgia 30303
    (404) 521-1227

Family Division
Superior Court of Fulton County
136 Pryor Street, S.W.
Suite C-826
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Office Number: 404-612-0505
Fax Number: 404-612-5582