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Evidence Presentation Technology

EPS Brochure ImageCourtrooms with EPS Systems

Judge Adams Courtroom 4E
Judge Barwick Courtroom 8A
Judge Brasher Courtroom 8E
Judge Cox Courtroom 7F
Judge Dunaway Courtroom 4F
Judge Edwards Courtroom 5A
Judge Ellerbe Courtroom 8B
Judge Farmer Courtroom 4D
Judge Glanville Courtroom 5F
Judge Krause Courtroom 4C
Judge LaGrua Courtroom 8D
Judge McBurney Courtroom 9G
Judge Millender Courtroom 7E
Judge Newkirk Courtroom 4A
Judge Richardson Courtroom 5C
Judge Rieder Courtroom 4B
Judge Russell Courtroom 8F
Judge Schwall Courtroom 5E
Judge Tusan Courtroom 5B
Judge Whitaker Courtroom 5D
Non-Complex Courtroom 1D
  Courtroom 1C

The evidence presentation systems support PowerPoint, Word, Excel viewer, Windows Media format files, and Realplayer.  If your presentation uses an unsupported format, you will have to bring your own laptop computer to play it.

Click for details about the evidence presentation systems in these courtrooms or for a printable brochure