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Evidence Presentation Equipment

Superior Court of Fulton County has state of the art technology for displaying evidentiary materials. The equipment described within is available for use in Superior Court some courtrooms. The equipment can be used to show digital video as well as still images captured in digital or printed formats. There is capability to play audio cassette tapes as well as audio from CDs or MP3 players. Images can be modified with screen annotations and printed from color printer/scanner in the court room. Prepare for trial by contacting Court Technology Services at 404-612-2770 before court to make certain the evidence viewing equipment has the associated media player, drivers and accessories necessary for you to make an effective presentation.

Court Evidentiary Equipment List:

Attorney's Tables Equiped with monitors and laptop connections for personal computers user.

DVD Readable Formats: DVD Video, DVD-RW/-R, DVD+R, Video CD/Music CD, CD-RW/-R


  • DVD Player can play CD-ROMS, CD-Rs, CD-RWs recorded in the following formats: Music CD, Video CD, MP3 audio tracks, JPEG image files, and KODAK Picture CD format
  • DVD Player can play DVD-ROMs, DVD+RWs, DVD+Rs, DVD-RWs, DVD-Rs recorded in the following formats: MP3 Audio tracks and JPEG image files, 8 cm DVD+RW, DVE-RW , and DVD-R recorded with a DVD Video camera.

DVD Tips:

  1. You must finalize digital media on recording equipment before playing on another device.
  2. Know the format & media extension of your media files before trial.
  3. Download media player needed on a flash drive or have Court Administration download to court room computer prior to trial.
  4. Arrange with Court Technology Services to test your media before trial on court equipment. CTS can be reached at 404-612-2770.
Audio Cassette Player

There are cassette tapes used for the purposes of audio recording. The cassette players in each court room are standard with dual cassette decks that play audio from Type I, II and IV (metal) audio cassette tapes.

PC & Laptop Connection

Additional media players can be installed as requested. For this or to troubleshoot PC errors please contact Court Technology Services for assistance at 404-612-2770.

Currently Installed Media Players:
RealPlayer, Quick Time, Windows Media Player, DIVX, MPEG and AVI.

ELMO Image Projector

ELMO Functions:

  • View printed documents & images one at a time
  • View slides, x-Rays and overhead transparencies
  • View 3-D Objects
  • Negative/Positive option for viewing film negatives.
  • Power Zoom Magnifying Lens

ELMO Tips:

  1. If ELMO does not display, use Input Selector to select ELMO input.
  2. Use bottom lamp for viewing transparencies.
  3. Equipment displays landscape opposed to portrait view. (Use PC with Printer Scanner to display images in portrait view.)
  4. Additional controls slide out from main panel for Color/BW, Negative conversions, and Magnification.
GYRO Mouse

The Gyro Mouse is a cordless optical air mouse that can be used to control the computer from a desktop surface or while holding in mid-air.

GYRO Mouse Tips:

  1. If Gyro mouse cursor is visible but shows no movement double-click the Activation Trigger to keep the cursor continuously active.
  2. Mouse must be kept on charging cradle. If LED on mouse is flashing the battery is low or mouse battery is dead if the LED is off.
Annotation Screen Visual Annotation Screen

State of the art technology that allows attorney’s and witnesses to annotate images as they appear on screen with identification pointers and lines of various sizes and colors using an annotation screen. The annotation screen is similar to those seen on television sports and news programs. Simply touch screen with fingers to highlight and identify areas of interest.

Troubleshooting Tip:
If the screen does not display annotations—Turn Pointmaker off, when Pointmaker re-boots with blue title screen & copyright info touch the center of the screen to start calibration. Tap corners as indicated for calibration. This must be done for both witness and podium annotation screens.

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